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Zirconium Metal Powder [Zr]

Zirconium Metal Powder is manufactured according to a wide range of specifications as noted below. Additionally, if you have custom requirements regarding either purity and/or granulation, we can meet those standards.

Zirconium Metal Powder [Zr]

As per customer requirement:


Available Packing Medium

1. Aqueous (water) solution

2. Acetone solution

3. Dry under Argon



[for material packed in Aqueous solution] – Polypropylene bottles

[for material packed in Acetone solution] – Aluminum bottles

[for material packed Dry under Argon] – Double Seamed Tin cans

Product IDPurityParticle SizeSpecificationDownload PDF
ZR1196% minpass through 840 microns: 99%MIL-Z-399D Download
ZR1296% minpass through 177 microns: 100%MIL-Z-399D Download
ZR1396% minpass through 88 microns: 100%MIL-Z-399D Download
ZR2194% minavg. 2.5 ±1 micronsMIL-Z-399D Download
ZR2295% minavg. 2.0 ±0.3 micronsMIL-Z-399D Download
ZR2395% minavg. 3.0 ±1 micronsMIL-Z-399D Download
ZR AI195% minpass through 45 microns: 99.9% avg. 4.7 ± 1 micronsCustom Download
Custom Requirements [Purity and/or Granulation] : Please Inquire